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27April 2022

SYSDO: Questions? We are not afraid to answer.

27.April 2022|

SYSDO's electronic time and attendance is a modern solution for small, medium and larger companies looking for an efficient way to manage employee attendance. And not just at the company - with a virtual terminal, you can log attendance from anywhere in the field or from home. For start we hav [...]

1March 2022

Track it Easy with SMARTBOX2

1.March 2022|

Smartbox 2 combines a GNSS tracker (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou) measuring probe and a powerful battery. The SMARTBOX monitors the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity, air pressure, light level, 3D orientation, and vibrations) while tracking the transported cargo's position. All thi [...]

26July 2016

GlobalStar GSM Jammer Defense Solution

26.July 2016|

MotoMon now offers satellite communication trackers, these devices use satellites instead of cellular networks to report tracking information so they cannot be disabled by GSM jammer   [...]

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