SYSDO’s electronic time and attendance is a modern solution for small, medium and larger companies looking for an efficient way to manage employee attendance. And not just at the company – with a virtual terminal, you can log attendance from anywhere in the field or from home.

For start we have prepared two free packages for you, where you can see the attendance system either in a demo version, where you can try out the system from the position of an administrator and from the position of an ordinary employee, or the full version of the SYSDO attendance system for 60 days completely free of charge (and you do not have to fill in any payment card data). Just contact us and we will send you the login details. Helpdesk is available on the website and our technical support is available by phone at all times.

We’re just a small company. Why should we have a complicated attendance system?

SYSDO’s attendance system is not complicated at all. On the contrary. Running your company will be much simpler with SYSDO. Thanks to the cloud-based solution, you can access your employees’ attendance at any time, you can find out within one click if your colleague with whom you need to solve a work task is not on lunch, has a home office and in the box with his name you can see all the contacts how to get in touch with him as quickly as possible.

And what if we are a big company?
Of course, we can handle that too – the number of users in SYSDU is unlimited.

Ok, and what about installing new terminals?
We have a terminal pre-installed in the system for you and when connected to the internet it will automatically log into SYSDO attendance. So it is ready to use almost immediately. Not even just one terminal – you can connect absolutely any number of terminals to the attendance system. It is also possible to use a virtual terminal that is not mounted anywhere.

Our company has a multi-shift operation. Would it be a problem to set up different shifts for multiple employees?
We have pre-set some (the most common) variants of working shifts for you. If they do not suit you in any way, simply change or add them in the administration.

Our employees don’t come into the company in the morning and can’t log in via the terminal – they go straight out into the field.
The attendance system comes with an autonomous portable terminal that works online. If there is no GSM signal, it works in off-line mode. So if you have homeoffice staff, drivers in the field or construction workers, the virtual terminal in conjunction with the SYSDO attendance system is an absolutely brilliant solution for you. In addition, GPS coordinates can be stored and you can keep track of where the employee is logging in from.

Employee attendance is important to us, what if we lose data due to backups?
There’s no need to back up anything on your end. SYSDO is a web-based application and runs on our servers, which are backed up in multiple locations. Plus, thanks to the cloud solution, you don’t have to update anything. All updates and changes we make will be reflected in your attendance system automatically. You don’t have to worry about anything.

What if I set something I want to change or modify later?
No problem – you can set up, reconfigure, change, … after however long in the administration. Of course, you will need the permissions of the attendance administrator to do this. Roles are an important feature in the SYSDO attendance system, so that everyone can do whatever they want with attendance.