Smartbox 2 combines a GNSS tracker (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou) measuring probe and a powerful battery. The SMARTBOX monitors the surrounding environment (temperature, humidity, air pressure, light level, 3D orientation, and vibrations) while tracking the transported cargo’s position. All this with excellent battery life. Ease of use was also kept in mind, when developing the SMARTBOX. This is why the SMARTBOX stands out with a range of options for easy deployment to any transport. A well-designed drop in charging station handles its recharging.

GPS Unit for internet of things cargo track and trace detailed report buy GPS unit
  • ready for immediate use
  • lasts up to 2 years on a charge
  • easy recharging in the charging station
  • waterproof
  • magnets attachment
  • strap attachment
  • Wi-Fi positioning
  • Real-time GNSS tracking (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou)
  • Two-line OLED display for configuration, diagnostics, and control of SMARTBOX 2
  • transport route control
  • alerts when the set limits are exceeded during transport
  • acoustic siren 110 dB
  • ability to connect external Bluetooth sensors
  • ambient temperature measurement
  • ambient humidity measurement
  • air pressure measurement
  • light level measurement
  • shock monitoring
  • mobile app for Android

Examples of use

GPS unit cargo trace route control

Immediate online overview of the status and location of the shipment
Shipping companies using the SMARTBOX2 GPS unit can raise customer service by providing an online overview of the current status of their shipment. At the same time, your company will have reports that can be used to quickly and efficiently. Helping avoid any issues with damage control claims to shipments, during transit.

external antene GPS unit cargo trace route control

Transport protection for valuable, fragile, and sensitive shipments
The SMARTBOX2 is suitable for transporting expensive or sensitive equipment and other fragile loads that require constant monitoring. You will be alerted immediately if there is any change in conditions inside the transport. This is especially the case when transporting chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, human organs, or living organisms.

easy instalation GPS unit track and trace cargo

Monitoring the transport of perishable goods
In the event of a refrigeration failure during food transport, SMARTBOX2 can save the cargo by alerting the driver, who can resolve the situation promptly on the spot. Equally important, summary reports will prevent the receiving company from claiming that they have received perishable goods

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Notification of unauthorized opening of a parcel
SMARTBOX provides information regarding unauthorized openings during transport, too. A light sensor, which is part of the monitoring probe, is used for this purpose. Since the introduction of SMARTBOX into production, transport companies have reported a lower percentage of lost goods from shipments transported.

report from GPS unit cargo tracing IoT unit

Long-haul transport monitoring
The long battery life of the SMARTBOX, it is an excellent tool for monitoring shipments that have to travel long distances. Typically, this is the case for ocean shipping or rail container transports.

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