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Nowadays, it is not wise to underestimate anything 👇

This statement applies twice as much whether we’re talking about the security of your children, grandparents, parents, property, or a business.

Rewrite-GPS units are basically reliable device for tracking the above mentioned situations. What is a GPS unit? A box electronic device that you can attach or put wherever you need. To determine with the greatest accuracy, where your property, or the person you are tracking, is located.

😎 What is it good for? And Why? Let’s go through some examples for practice.

🔵 Who do prevention – wins

Are you an entrepreneur who arranges the rental or leasing of vehicles? Prevent theft by simply fitting a GPS unit to your vehicles, and in the event of a critical situation, you can easily find out where your property is, in one place.

personal GPS tracking Motomon app GPS unit for seniors GPS units for children

🔵 Shorts from school? 

Special personal GPS trackers, with SOS buttons, are available to increase safety. Especially for children and seniors. We live in a world where the elderly are a high-risk group and are certainly not to be underestimated. Do you need to keep track of their movements from a distance? GPS units are also a very simple and reliable solution for these situations. By personal tracking of seniors using GPS units, you can not only monitor their movements, but the unit will also report changes in speed, detect bumps and alert you when they cross a specified area or enter a “restricted” area. So that You can react faster to these events. 

security of business GPS units for company stuff Motomon online logbook

🔵 Keep an eye on!

Keep your eyes on your employers. A good  example is security guards making rounds. With GPS units, you get a real-time or retrospective overview of employee movements and can be sure that they are doing their job responsibly. The unit can also alert you to critical situations that can happen in the industry.

online logboook automatic logbook try for free free logbook Motomon app for tracking

🔵 Do your employees have company vehicles?

GPS monitoring can also be used here. Try using online tracking of all vehicles (even the big ones) in your fleet.  Not only that. You can also check the employee’s workload, speed limits, and mandatory breaks, and in the event of theft, you can just simply track the vehicle’s position on a map.

motomon app online logbook automatic logbook for GPS units tracking app

Got a GPS unit? Good. What else? I’m glad you asked. Where do I track all the movement? An easy way to track and connect all your GPS units is with the MOTOMON app.

Wiiiiiiiiiide range of supported devices

The application can be used for tracking people as well as monitoring transports and shipments of valuable goods. Simply connect your GPS unit to the app and the tracking can begin. You can see all your devices in one place, plus you can download the smartphone app (Android and iOS support) and monitor the movement of your valuable items from anywhere.

The MOTOMON’s wide range of functions

Not only do you have a real-time overview of the movement of all your units, it also allows you to automatically process the logbook. The advantage of an automatic online logbook is  the elimination of paper records. With an electronic logbook, you have an overview of the location and the exact distances traveled by the vehicle. Thanks to the reliability of the GPS unit, you can easily identify work and personal travel purposes and you can thus prevent the misuse of the company vehicle for private purposes.

✅  Hey, hey, hey…!

MOTOMON App can even alert you to regular MOTs, required servicing. What is MOT’s? The main use of the electronic logbook is for accounting.The system can also calculate the cost of the journey. Keeping the cost down while at the same time Insurance companies may also issue a discount on collision insurance if a vehicle has an active tracking device installed.

👉 Tracking and tracing people or property has never been easier. Choose a GPS unit that you activate in the MOTOMON app and the efficient tracking of what matters to you, can begin. Right now.