Motomon Global GPS Tracking Platform

MotoMon Corporation offices are located in Miami, Florida, USA, and have established ourselves as a leading global GPS Asset tracking platform provider/integrator since 2009. MotoMon, strategic partners, and worldwide distributors have developed one of the industry-leading mobile asset  GPS tracking applications.  It’s available in 12 languages and operates in over 45 countries.

Our success comes from listening to its customer’s needs and the ability to create realistic solutions, which ultimately saves them time and money. Continually improving the GPS tracking platform which resolves real-world logistical problems is the heart of what we do best. Attention to detail,
personalized service and turnkey integration of individual corporate requirements have made us an industry leader.

Our software

Real-time web based GPS tracking solutions providing detailed monitoring of any mobile asset, fleet vehicles, cars, cargo or people.

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SYSDO is an intuitive on-line application designed primarily for logging and processing employee attendance.

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Monitoring of valuable, fragile, sensitive or perishable transports with monitoring of physical quantities.

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Senzora is a cloud-based software that collects data from IoT sensors connected via a LoRa wireless network.

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News from Motomon

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“Mr. Moder, Thank you for all your assistance in the lease of the GPS tracking units we acquired from MotoMon. As you know, we did make an arrest from these thefts and it would not of been possible without the use of your product and the ease of tracking that is available on your dedicated servers. I appreciate all the time you took with me on the phone and in person to assure all our needs were met.”
Robert Salazar
Region Loss Prevention Specialist
Publix Supermarkets.
“As a distributor and customer for more than 5 years I can tell you the MotoMon tracking software and almost any hardware together are a very powerful management tool. The platform has all the features to make your fleet work in a better way. “Efficiency” is the number one priority with this system, and it can give you fast results when this technology is installed”
Raúl Eduardo De León
OnTrack Rastreo Satelital,SRL
“When we started working with MotoMon few years back they suggested we use their newly developed device called the SmartBox to track our customers freight forwarding shipments.  The SmartBox is a customized magnetic box which contains inside a large re-chargeable battery, GPS tracker and probe which in addition to position gives our customers live information on temperature, light, humidity, and more.  We started with one to test and now have grown to over 25 unit.  Customers have learned to depend on this shipping feature and ask for it most all the time.”
Italo Teran
Financial Chief
CMG - Cargo Management Group

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