Handy small LTE GPS tracker with SOS configuration button, temperature and light sensor. The tracker records location and sends this information via mobile data to an IoT server. The server processes the data in real time and allows it to be displayed in graphs and maps. Based on the data, it generates alerts via SMS, email or web notification. The tracker’s battery provides up to three months of operation in Smart Save Mode.

“We know how important battery life is
in real-time tracing.”

unit battery test SMARTBOX mini vs. Queclink

In Smart Save Mode, lasts up to 3 months on a single charge (sends data once per day). In full motion and under load, lasts a full month on a single charge.

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When the battery runs out…
SB mini goes off-line, continues to monitor GPS positions and sends data from the EMM probe, which it stores in memory.

  • Off-line can send data for another 500 km
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One button, more options.
Handy, small LTE GPS tracker with SOS configuration button with vibration response. In the same time this small facility measures room temperature and light intensity without the need for an external sonda.

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Where are you? It doesn’t matter.
The tracker records real-time data, lets you view it in graphs and maps, and generates alerts directly to your device with the app.

The SMARTBOX MINI is also suitable for air transport of your goods. It safely and completely recognizes itself that it is approaching the airport area and adapts to the situation. Thus, it will not disturb the flight traffic and the flight traffic will not disturb you – you will have access to information in this case as well.

Transport Monitoring on Long Routes
Due to its long endurance, Smartbox is excellent for tracking shipments that have to travel long distances. SMARTBOX MINI monitors the temperature and light level of the area and is therefore suitable for transporting food or other perishable goods.

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