Equestrians across the globe are taking advantage of advanced technology. It is now possible and practical for owners and riders to track their horses with GPS satellite technology.



High-quality, compact, mobile satellite tracking devices using GPS/GSM technologies are now very affordable. The GPS/GSM tracking device attaches to the horses bridal or on a riders vest. Data from a ride is transmitted to the software server via a SIM card inside the GPS tracker. The information is then displayed on the website, PDA, or cellular phone giving you exact details on horse and riders movement with accuracy to within 30 feet. The transmitted data is displayed on a digital terrain layout on the website system. This software is user friendly and feature rich. You can replay the entire exact movement of each ride, check the riding speed, time and confirm checkpoint positions.



These devices are being used by breeders, horse stable owners tracking free grazing thoroughbred, and horseback outfitters. If you have ever been riding and taken a fall you know how important it is to get medical help and recover your horse. The mobile satellite locator GPS/GSM is a great asset because it can pinpoint exactly where an injured rider and horse are immediately.



Parents of young riders appreciate knowing if there are any problems during a ride and can provide help within minutes, not hours. These applications are available from the field with a wireless data card. They watch in real time as the ride is taking place.



Equitation is a beautiful sport that offers us unique experiences and relaxation but we also have to think of our personal safety and happy return.